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My New Weekly Show on – Critique Of The Week

We all have trouble editing our own work. We are too close to it.

Like the metadata that sticks with our image files, we often add our own emotional metadata to a picture making it hard to be objective when editing. Regardless of where you are on your photographic journey, you need help, as do I.

I see it all the time on my workshops–photographer’s unsure of which of the images…Read On…

Looking For Inspiration: Sebastiao Salgado

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Looking For Inspiration: Sebastiao Salgado

Whenever I’m looking for a little inspiration I don’t have to go far because inspiration is all around me in the form of my extensive library of photography books I’ve been cultivating for as long as I’ve been shooting.

This day, I picked up one of my many books by Sebastiao Salgado, Genesis– the third long-term series on global issues with stunning, powerful images that can’t hel…Read On…