This Blog….

This Blog….

This week marks the re-start of this blog. My goal is to have it regularly updated; minimum one post a week so come back for some great information on street photography, Nikon gear and how to use it posts–as well as general photo tips and techniques designed to inspire you on your personal photographic journey. My Passionate Photographer Book is being revised and updated for the second edition next year, and you will see some new and improved content here as I complete the revision.


The new Nikon DL Series compact cameras were announced this week, and I had the distinct pleasure of working on the campaigns for Nikon in Japan. We went to beautiful Havana and for the DL 18-50 camera, Dubai was chosen just because with all the new architecture it seemed a wide lens was in order to fit it all in. Check out the “First Look” posts and don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter to get your free e-book on said cameras designed to drop on April 29, when the cameras are delivered.

On the workshop front, we have added a Havana workshop, New York City Street workshops and one in Vancouver in August. Havana is an amazing place and particularly with President Obama soon to visit, changes are likely to come fast.  We have carved out an itinerary that you won’t find in any other Cuban photo workshop.

We are also working on street workshops in Tokyo and Puerto Rico which will be announced soon.

I am just back from Dubai and the Gulf Photo Plus with a series of workshops. It was an amazing educational event that you should add to your bucket list!

For the restart, I will be formulating my plan to keep this blog constantly updated with meaningful and useful information you can apply to your own work and make you a better photographer in the process.

Until next time, great shooting. Steve S.

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