Today’s Street Photograph: Smoking Man – Lisbon, Portugal

Today’s Street Photograph: Smoking Man – Lisbon, Portugal

I’m not usually one to title an image but in this street photo– the title “Smoking Man”, literal and obvious as it is–seemed to me to be a good idea. There is something about this image shot in Lisbon, Portugal that I really like. I guess it’s the seeming confrontational quality, something street photographers sometimes encounter. But there was no confrontation. I took a few frames as the gentleman walked toward me and continued my street shooting session. I didn’t even remember taking the image but was pleasantly surprised to see it.

Magic & Joy

The magic of photography is that sometimes a photograph communicates in a way that is stronger than the reality of the moment. Not to say that the image isn’t authentic. It is. Just that sometimes a photograph can communicate much more than what you notice at the time of taking. This is one of the reasons photography for me is so compelling. After a lifetime of shooting pictures, I still can’t always predict which image will be the one. I’m often surprised. This is part of my joy in pursuit of photographs.

Lisbon was such a wonderful place to do street photography. Watch for a future Passionate Photographer Workshop here as I work on an itinerary. Can’t wait to get back.


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