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Steve’s Gear


I am unabashedly a Nikon guy. It’s mostly what I own and I have been with them since I was a kid with my first Nikon FM, roaming the streets of Montreal. I have become somewhat of Nikon expert, having stuck with the system my entire photographic life. I give classes on the camera. I have visited the Nikon Factory in Sendai, Japan. I have made sample photos for some of Nikon’s new lenses and participated on the Nikon D600 campaign. Here are the camera bodies I depend on and why.  View all of Steve’s cameras.

1. AF-S NIKKOR 16-35mm f:4G ED VR copyLenses

The camera body is just one half of the equation. My Nikon system used to be cameras with interchangeable lenses but times have changed. I now think it’s a lens system with interchangeable cameras. When you invest in a high quality Nikon lens you will have it your entire photographic life. Camera bodies, as incredible as they are, change quickly in the digital age. The Nikon F3 could be purchased new for 19 years. Nikon’s longest offering in the digital realm was the D700, available for five years. I suspect we won’t see a   Nikon body available for that long moving forward. Here are the lenses I have curated for my way of shooting.  View all of Steve’s lenses.

5. Acratech GP-s Ballhead LeverCamera Support

For me, lightweight, ease of use and stability are my main criteria for choosing a tripod or gear support of any kind. I feel it’s a great investment since great  tripods and stands never go out of style. An easy to use, rock solid ball head is another key investment. When I’m working in difficult conditions, extreme heat or cold, I don’t need to be fiddling with knobs or handles that don’t lock in perfectly. It can be frustrating and could translate into images that are not as sharp or accurately framed as I demand. No compromise here. View all of Steve’s camera supports.

4. ProfotoB1LocationkitLighting and Modifiers

I’ve recently been inspired to up my lighting game, by the many great photography friends whose work I admire. I have chosen the Profoto B1 System as my lighting kit of choice. I love the way all Profoto modifiers lock in place, easily without hesitation. Light quality is unsurpassed in my opinion. Though I do shoot in my studio, I am most often on location and the Profoto B1 system offers me long battery life, durable build quality for the occasional bumps and bruises that inevitably are inflicted in the field and with the Nikon remote, I can have the simplicity of TTL with a studio light powerful enough to overpower the sun.        View all of Steve’s lights and modifiers.

1. 64GB SDMemory Cards

I am a member of the SanDisk Extreme Team, but by choice. I have always used SanDisk memory cards. SanDisk invented many of the memory cards in use today. They know their stuff. Probably the strongest link in the digital chain is the memory card. You can wash them, dry them, drop them in salt water, cook them to a certain degree and chances are your images will still be recoverable (don’t try that at home). In the field, there’s no more important component than my memory cards. My equipment is insured for replacement but my images can never be duplicated. Here is the memory I use and why I use them.  View all of Steve’s memory cards.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 9.57.01 PMHard Drives

You know this as well as I do, but I’m sure I cannot overstate the importance of durable, reliable and fast longterm hard storage. These LaCie drives are industry-standard, backed by a solid warranty and worth every penny. It’s important for me to have a secure backup workflow to insure the survival of my digital archive into the future. I will be posting my Digital Workflow process with LaCie Drives as a future post. View all of Steve’s hard drives.

3. Think-Tank-Photo-Airport-Navigator-Rolling-Photography-CaseBags & Cases

Like many photographers I have what is clinically diagnosed as a “Camera Bag Problem”. But I don’t see it that way, regardless of what my wife tells you. It’s important for me to have the right bag for the right type of shooting situation. Roller bags for transportation and a variety of shooting bags for different assignments–or maybe it’s a fashion thing… View all of Steve’s bags and cases.



3. Thunderbolt 27 inch Display-150

Computers & Software

A thinner Mac or a prettier app won’t magically pump up your art, but working with the right tools can significantly improve your workflow, boosting speed and efficiency in necessary (and often mind-numbing) tasks. These are some of the best that I can recommend. View all of Steve’s computers and software.

1. me_1_side_b.high-150Video, Accessories & Other Stuff

A miscellany of tools and accessories that don’t fit neatly into the other lists. View all of Steve’s other stuff.