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Ask Steve Anything! What’s the Quality of the Nikon 24-85mm AF-S G Lens?

The short answer is I found the 24-85mm Nikkor Zoom to be really sharp and a great carry around range for just about every kind of photography. Even in lower light like the situation above in Havana, the lens delivered a super-sharp result.

Dear Steve:

I noticed you used the 24-85mm AF-S G lens in your Auto ISO article, I’m curious how you like that lens.  I use a D750 with the 2…Read On…

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Personal Image Critiques, Portfolio Review & Project Consultation with Steve Simon

I know from experience how good constructive criticism of my work has made me a better photographer. I get requests all the time from photographers asking for a “critique” service where they can have me go over their work and give them an honest assessment with suggestions on how to move forward. This feedback is essential in the evolution of a photographer’s work. There is no substit…Read On…

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Ask Steve Anything… “I’m thinking about buying Nikon D750…

I’m a freelance press photographer. I’m thinking about buying Nikon D750. I would love to get your input as a pro photographer D750 vs D810. Would the D750 be a better all around photojournalistic tool? Any high ISO performance differences? By the way, I love your classes on
All the best. Ron

Dear Ron,

That’s a great question but as with all things subjective, there…Read On…