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My New Weekly Show on – Critique Of The Week

We all have trouble editing our own work. We are too close to it.

Like the metadata that sticks with our image files, we often add our own emotional metadata to a picture making it hard to be objective when editing. Regardless of where you are on your photographic journey, you need help, as do I.

I see it all the time on my workshops–photographer’s unsure of which of the images…Read On…

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Learning Photo Critique

Excited to announce my latest video –Learning to Critique Photos which is now live on the Lynda site. 

I can’t bear to watch that face for too long but if you’re wanting to improve as a photographer it should be worth staring at that face for a while. Don’t worry I intersperse a bunch of images in between. The idea of becoming more visually literate—gaining the ability to…Read On…

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Watch the Online Video Course: Street Photography – Candid Portraiture

Street photography is an exercise in the art of observation: paying attention to the theater that goes on in every city and town, and capturing moments that tell stories.

In this online video course, I hits the streets of New York City to share insights on the art of candid street photography, from gear choices to shooting techniques. I show you how to immerse yourself in the thick…Read On…

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