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Nikon’s New Ad Campaign Signals A Brighter Future For Us Passionate Photographers

If you’re in New York City in the next few weeks you might run into some of my images, particularly along the N Subway Line or at the Times Square or Atlantic Subway stops.

I had the good fortune to work on a campaign for two things I really love; the city I live in and the equipment I use to capture it.

Shot on a Nikon D750, you can see this enormous enlargement outside the Br…Read On…

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The Democratic National Convention – Day 1 -Monday, July 25-2016

Day 1 of the Democratic Convention took place in sweltering heat outside (bad news for the protesters) but in the comfort of an air-conditioned Wells Fargo Center. I will tell you that surprisingly to me, it is much tougher to shoot the DNC then it was in Cleveland with the RNC.

Technically, the light is not as bright which means higher ISO’s and slower shutter speeds generally. Mo…Read On…

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The Republican National Convention – Day 4 -Thursday, July 21-2016

Images from the final day at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. I’m en-route via Amtrak back to New York. A day off and on to Philadelphia for the Democratic Convention. As it turns out, the DNC may be a little trickier to cover. The venue is smaller and there will be more media (New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia). Hopefully my access will be similar. In Cleveland I …Read On…