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Nikon Manifesto


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The Nikkor 58mm f1.4G Lens & Me – A Review

I have never been a fan of the so-called “normal” lens…the 50mm. Before the era of kit zoom lenses, the classic 50mm lens would be the lens that comes with an SLR body..

I found its field of view restricting compared to my favorite standard lens of choice, the 35mm.

But in recent years I have come to use and love the various 1.4G lenses Nikon has produced. The 24mm 1.4g, 35mm 1….Read On…

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Ask Steve Anything… “I’m thinking about buying Nikon D750…

I’m a freelance press photographer. I’m thinking about buying Nikon D750. I would love to get your input as a pro photographer D750 vs D810. Would the D750 be a better all around photojournalistic tool? Any high ISO performance differences? By the way, I love your classes on
All the best. Ron

Dear Ron,

That’s a great question but as with all things subjective, there…Read On…

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The Nikon Manifesto: A Special Transformational Workshop @ B&H Photo July 20, 2015

Through a special arrangement with B& H Photo and their event space I will be doing a very special Nikon transformational workshop on July 20, from 930am to 6pm. The group will be limited to the first 10 people who sign up, at a cost of $199 for the day.

You can sign up here.

“This is an outstanding workshop, led by a world-class photographer. It is impossible to spend time in…Read On…