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The Democratic National Convention – Day 4 -Thursday, July 28-2016

It’s finally over and I have a chance to edit and post the final day/night’s work. I didn’t shoot much today as I was waiting for the final balloons to drop. In conventions past, I would choose a bread and butter high position for the clear and dramatic view of the stage for the finale. But this time I was on the crowded floor since this coverage is for a book and I don’t absolutely n…Read On…

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The Democratic National Convention – Day 3 -Wednesday, July 27-2016

Day 3 was the busiest day yet with the least access. With the President coming it meant security was heightened and as the night went on the floor got busier and busier until it was locked down before the President’s speech. That meant regardless of your credential, you could not get on or off. It was tight, people and press everywhere and I expect tonight to be a similar situation. I…Read On…