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Speaking & Student Work


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The Passionate Photographer Seminar: 10 Steps Toward Becoming Great @ B&H Photo July 21


I haven’t done one of my Passionate Photographer Workshops in a while but thanks to a special arrangement with B & H Photo, I will be in their event space on July 21st.  This day-long seminar has the potential to get you seeing in a new way and help you find direction and meaning in the work you love to do –to get you to the next level on your way to becoming the photographer yo…Read On…

The Passionate Street Photographer Workshop – Student Work

Our first Street Photography Workshop ended recently and I have to say what a great experience it was. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. After all,  scheduling it a week before Thanksgiving– the weather was cold at times, rainy other times but the students were all passionate about hitting the streets of New York City and despite the uncomfortable weather, they produced great wor…Read On…