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The Nikkor 58mm f1.4G Lens & Me – A Review

I have never been a fan of the so-called “normal” lens…the 50mm. Before the era of kit zoom lenses, the classic 50mm lens would be the lens that comes with an SLR body..

I found its field of view restricting compared to my favorite standard lens of choice, the 35mm.

But in recent years I have come to use and love the various 1.4G lenses Nikon has produced. The 24mm 1.4g, 35mm 1….Read On…

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The Passionate Photographer: Paranoid About Back-Ups

There has never been a better time than now to be a photographer. The tools and technology at our fingertips let us shoot amazing quality images with few limits. Having great images is the goal, but keeping them— safeguarding them for the future is also a top priority for me.

I am paranoid when it comes to maintaining my photographic archive. I travel more than 100 days a year and …Read On…