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The Passionate Street Workshop Havana - May 2016 from Steve Simon on Vimeo.

Havana Passionate Photographer Workshop – Student Slideshow 1

I am late in posting this amazing work created by students of The Passionate Photographer Workshop – Havana Edition. Finally, I have caught up and will be posting a slideshow a day from the three recent workshops beginning with our May 2016 adventure.

Havana is a place I have had the privilege to visit many times and I’m looking forward to going back with workshop crews beginning i…Read On…

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Keeping The Faith – A Photographers Story on 9/11

Faith. It’s an element of my work that continues to surface, from project to project. Not only in the stories I choose to pursue, but also in my philosophy and approach to shooting.

On this, the sixteenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I thought I would reprint an earlier post describing what happened to me with my project Empty Sky—The Pilgrimage To Ground Zero.  It was an e…Read On…